St. Vincent - Marry Me

Ok, so where the hell have I been? I totally just discovered St. Vincent. I’ve seen the album around (the gorgeous young lady with red lips and wild, wiry curls standing in front of a gray backdrop), but I just kept thinking, ehhh maybe not? I hadn’t heard not a single song, mind you. I was just avoiding it because that’s what I do on occasion to new artists. In hopes that someone will do my work for me and tell me if it’s good or whatever. I did my homework, ladies and gents, and you know what? It’s good!

So here’s to being slow and too fast, too. Check out the sounds below.

Good shit (I’m just kinda slow)
St. Vincent
Marry Me.mp3
Paris Is Burning.mp3

Tegan and Sara (FYI… twins still creep me out, but whatever, I’m over it)
Relief Next To Me.mp3

My most overlooked last year (still, cuz I’m kinda slow)
The National
Mistaken For Strangers.mp3

Weekend Wars.mp3

Can’t hardly wait for more

Cool Kids

Cool Kids
Black Mags.mp3

Cat Power ‘Jukebox’
Silver Stallion.mp3

Lightspeed Champion
Everyone I Know Is Listening To Crunk.mp3

These New Puritans <-Hurry up and release an album available in the US, pweaze!

Santogold <- Same to you, Ms. Santogold


Uh oh! These New Puritans have the potential to be my first fave new band of 2008. Oh heck! They don’t just have that potential they are… it’s official.

In keeping with the sing-song style lyrics movement coming out strong from the U.K., this band from Brighton are doing their part to keep it going. You know how sometimes you just need a good rock-n-roll song? Hello, meet These New Puritans.

Vid above | 2:46 minutes

Now hear this: Black Kids

November 13, 2007

Black Kids

Yep, I love them. And I love them because

1. Their songs are infectiously darling
2. There are black kids in the band the Black Kids

Those two points are running neck and neck for ultimate reasons why I like this new band. And they’re precious looking (I want to become instant bffs with the lot of them!).

KEXP’s blog offers a free mp3 of their single ‘I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You’ as Song of the Day (mp3).

But what do they sound like? Think early The Shins given a healthy pinch of lo-fi power pop and female doo-wop backup singers (a wee bit reminiscent of their contemporaries The Go! Team).

Read the KEXP blog entry for the Black Kids ‘I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You’ song of the day. (Psst! I think KEXP might have just as much of a band crush on them as I have!)

Stitch Austin Recap

November 11, 2007

I risked life and limb** to have a fab shopping experience at Stitch Austin. Here’s a recap in pictures of what I saw.

Stitch Austin recap

They gave out real loot bags at Stitch. It was unexpected that they’d be handing out ACTUAL bags rather than some crappy plastic sack.

Stitch Austin recap
There were crafty activities for visitors.

Stitch Austin recap
Bags, bags and more bags! There were several purveyors of bags and jewelry on hand.

Stitch Austin recap
Loads of people. Apparently, some of these people have the ability to stick their hands through people’s backs. Excuse the softness in these pictures. I did what I could.

Stitch Austin recap
You could sew at this station and watch “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (except I hate that movie, but it was still supes cute and homey over there)

Stitch Austin recap
AWESOME ties at the jasminemade booth. I bought a vintage Star Trek tie. I know someone who’d better be good this Christmas…

Stitch Austin recap
Inside those awesome loot bags were goodies galore: free patterns, tons of buttons, a cd, a measuring tape…

I also stopped by the t8designs booth (I forgot to snap a picture of her booth). I bought a rad necklace from t8designs that had just the right amount of street and vintage re-loved charms on it. Check out t8designs sold items on etsy. I hope she restocks her online store soon! I don’t think I can wait another year to buy more.

Stitch Austin recap
Hwy 290 = The prettiest road in the day and the scariest road at night.

So, I bought three items from Stitch in total (I also picked up a neat little mouse pad for my desk).

Overall, it was a neat experience, but I have a couple of criticisms:

1. Don’t tell people to come early when you’ve rented out a giant arena like space and the fashion show doesn’t even start until 9:30. Yeah. I didn’t even bother sticking around for that business because I was too through at 5:45!

2. Overpriced items. I can’t spread the monetary love around when everything is like 60 bucks! Seriously, everything was slightly overpriced, though, I realize as a crafter your handiwork should be paid for, but maybe at an event like Stitch some rocking items should be half priced. Generally, supporters of craftiness ain’t making bank.

Other than that, it was something I would like to attend again and again in the future years to come. It is definitely a valiant effort on the Stitch organizers’ parts. Great job mamas!

**And by life and limb I mean I exaggerate and it was more like I had to pee really badly at one gas station, my toe got injured from my boots, I had the worst headache of all time, and my car’s engine light came on in the pitch dark, by myself, driving back on a very scary road from Austin to Houston.

STITCH Austin happens this weekend Nov. 10

It’s November and while you’re probably looking forward to Thanksgiving –that “one day” a year you can stuff yourself and not feel guilty (I know I am! Mm, sweet potatoes!) there’s something probably just a little bit awesomer that happens here in Texas one day in November. It’s STITCH Austin, y’all!

And it’s happening this weekend. November 10 at the Austin Convention Center. There’s an after party at Mohawk (I’ve been stalking that venue out for dang near a year and I want an excuse to get my booty in there).

Right. I mean, if you haven’t already bought a plane ticket and junk and you’re not in Texas or nearby already then you probably won’t be making it, but you can check back here at this blog for your STITCH Austin recap.

Better get it right

May 21, 2007

I’m stupid, ok.

I get so many bands confused with each other. Some of them are kind of self-explanatory (i.e. they are similar in names or similiar in name and sounds). While other band name confusions make no sense at all.

Come, explore the complexities of my wee, little brain when it comes to storing information by band name.

Now, here are some very understandable band name mix-ups:

Junior Boys Junior Senior
Junior Boys v. Junior Senior
Kings of Leon v. Kings of Convenience
!!! v. Clap Your Hands, Say Yeah
The Dirty Projectors v. The New Pornographers
Sloan v. Spoon
And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead Murder by Death
And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead v. Murder By Death
Matmos v. Momus
Les Savy Fav v. Ranier Maria
Fiery Furnaces v. Arcade Fire

When it comes to the Fiery Furnances versus the Arcade Fire, the similarities in band names can be disastorous. For the longest time last year I kept saying “I hate the Arcade Fire.” But really meant was, “I hate the Fiery Furnaces,” because I love the Arcade Fire in actuality. I just couldn’t remember that they were two different bands with two different, yet similar, names.

Let’s not forget about the bands I confuse with each other that make less/no sense; like:

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club My Morning Jacket
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club v. My Morning Jacket
The Flaming Lips v. Violent Femmes
Blonde Redhead v. Xiu Xiu
LCD Soundsystem v. Ratatat v. Junior Boys
Low v. Yo La Tengo
Mad-Lib v. J-Dilla

There’s no real rhyme or reason for that previous list, but I promise you it takes me a second to remember who is who. Now, some of that list can be explained by the fact I learned about some of these bands around the same time (in the case of The Flaming Lips and The Violent Femmes) and some of it is due to the fact that they have similar sounds and arrived on my radar around the same time (i.e LCD Soundsystem, Ratatat and Junior Boys).

Then there are bands that I don’t really get mixed up, but you could understand if I did; like:

Deerhoof Deerhunter
Deerhoof v. Deerhunter
Wilco v. Spoon
Joanna Newsom v. Neko Case
Coco Rosie v. Tegan and Sara
Be Your Own Pet v. The Grates
Amy Winehouse v. Lily Allen

So, there you have it. Bands I can’t ever seem to keep straight. Now, I know you must have a list yourself. What bands do you get jumbled up with another?