Classic Katie Holmes

I’m not that into classic. I’m not at all into scientology. And, as close as I want to ever come to Hollywood is the Hollywood Bowl or Wilshire. But crazy Katie Holmes (hey, I’m just basing that on rumors… please don’t hurt me, Scientologists!) is bringing sexy back in classic attire. Girl can wear a pencil skirt and a bob like no other young Hollywood actress (not that many have tried). And for that reason I’ve got to give credit where credit is due.

Classic Katie Holmes

Still a touch crazy, though. Still. a. touch. crazy…


STITCH Austin happens this weekend Nov. 10

It’s November and while you’re probably looking forward to Thanksgiving –that “one day” a year you can stuff yourself and not feel guilty (I know I am! Mm, sweet potatoes!) there’s something probably just a little bit awesomer that happens here in Texas one day in November. It’s STITCH Austin, y’all!

And it’s happening this weekend. November 10 at the Austin Convention Center. There’s an after party at Mohawk (I’ve been stalking that venue out for dang near a year and I want an excuse to get my booty in there).

Right. I mean, if you haven’t already bought a plane ticket and junk and you’re not in Texas or nearby already then you probably won’t be making it, but you can check back here at this blog for your STITCH Austin recap.