I ♥ Michel

January 21, 2008

Michel Gondry picks his favorites

One of my favorite directors and sources inspiration, Michel Gondry, has posted some of his favorite You Tube videos, or a few his own sources of inspiration. Fun times!

Also, I like that his shirt makes him look like a lumber jack woodsman recluse.



Last night at Walter’s on Washington there was a hell of a show! Afrodisiac opened up for Yeasayer (aka my favorite new band of 2007) and MGMT.

There were a lot of people there, about half of the crowd was below 21 years (and most of them were below 18), which made for an interesting crowd… or should I say a less interesting crowd? I got stuck for a minute next to a girl who had a bad cough and didn’t once cover her mouth and she talked ceaselessly about cuddling with another girl because “that’s what girls do” (it wasn’t what she said it was how she said it). None the less, I had a really decent time. Oh yeah, “decent” if I ignore the fact that despite my best efforts, I could only get 2 beers from the bar (the 3rd one came from a stranger). And if I ignore how badly my new shoes were pinching my toes! But decent seriously if I add in the fact that I made a new friend and got to experience Yeasayer live.

Honestly, I think my favorite new band of 2007 was a little tired last night. A great (borderline phenomenal) performance, but you can see they were a bit in zombie mode. Like maybe they played ‘2080’ from memory. Hell of a memory, though, right?

The turn out was good numbers. Yeasayer made a comment from stage thanking all the underage people that snuck it because it probably was going to make them a lot of money. Which is great! It’s good to see Houston support their music scene. This town is very finicky about going out consistently. There can be an amazing band to come through and have maybe a dozen standing out there, and other times on other nights you might get a sea of bed heads and tight pants. I’m not sure there’s a way to even predict which outcome you’ll get.

I didn’t know MGMT from name before hearing them play the song ‘Electric Feel’ last night. Then I was like, oh duh, right! That song is nice. But I never know what to do with bands that make a hit like that, but have a completely different sound in general. I’d kind of label MGMT as a space rock band, but that song ‘Electric Feel’ is really funk inspired. Maybe the relation between their songs is more subtle than I expected, so I’m going to say that until I further research this subject, this is a case of “my bad!”

Afrodisiac was a cute little one man band with quite a bit of Myspace notoriety. Lot’s of indie lo-fi power pop from him. I came in at least halfway through his set. His backing band was either a CD or tape of good quality. It was nice though. The high school kids loved him.

Next show up will be Sharon Jones and Dap Kings on Friday, at the same location. I don’t think there will be any kids there… at all! Which I’m looking forward to.

Afrodisiac links courtesy of Hands Up Houston message board. Thanks guys!

Classic Katie Holmes

I’m not that into classic. I’m not at all into scientology. And, as close as I want to ever come to Hollywood is the Hollywood Bowl or Wilshire. But crazy Katie Holmes (hey, I’m just basing that on rumors… please don’t hurt me, Scientologists!) is bringing sexy back in classic attire. Girl can wear a pencil skirt and a bob like no other young Hollywood actress (not that many have tried). And for that reason I’ve got to give credit where credit is due.

Classic Katie Holmes

Still a touch crazy, though. Still. a. touch. crazy…

Uh oh! These New Puritans have the potential to be my first fave new band of 2008. Oh heck! They don’t just have that potential they are… it’s official.

In keeping with the sing-song style lyrics movement coming out strong from the U.K., this band from Brighton are doing their part to keep it going. You know how sometimes you just need a good rock-n-roll song? Hello, meet These New Puritans.

Vid above | 2:46 minutes

First in a series on cool stuff to see and do in Houston. Got a lead for me? Let a sistah know.

Make tea fair

I went to Té House of Tea on Sunday afternoon. I don’t know what it is about that place, but it’s perfection. Mm, and their veggie panini kills! It’s veggie heaven between two slices of focaccia, grilled hot to melty perfection. Can you tell it’s a favorite? The veggie panini is the only thing I must get every single time. The first time I had it, in fact, it was the first time I had ever been to Té at all, was after yoga class with my friend Tiphanie.

The teas at Té are phenomenal. Imagine any flavor: Lapsang Souchong, Mara Mieh, Oothu, Ceylon, Thai… their tea list is really impressive. I got Darjeeling the last time I was there because I got flustered and picked the first thing I recognized. But I do my best to get something new with every visit. And it’s true, I haven’t had Darjeeling from Té, so I’m in the clear.

And I can visit at least 70 more times without ever having the same thing twice.

Fair warning for people who don’t want an exercise in patience on a lazy Sunday afternoon: Don’t bother! Té is definitely going to make your sandwiches in their own good time. The tea? You will have to wait at least 5 minutes while it steeps on your table and yeah, okay, it might take half an hour for them to bring it out to you. But I promise, it’s not ‘cuz they’re rude intentionally. I believe that the owners and workers just go at a different pace than we do.

For me, when I sit down at Té with a book or a friend I want time to slow down. So, I expect my service to be what it is for one woman cooking in the kitchen and one college guy working the register to be… a little bit slower. I have nothing planned except to spend the next hour or two just soaking up atmosphere.

Who cares about fast, right? With credentials like these (best veggie panini, generous list of teas, zen setting) who needs to rush to leave?


Té House of Tea
1927 Fairview St.
Houston, TX 77019

Pictures courtesy of The Eyrie.

Radiohead In Rainbows

I quite literally have no money (I spent my last fiver this morning on a soy toffee latte from Diedrich Coffee). But that didn’t stop me from buying 3 albums from the record store on Sunday (and apparently, it also didn’t stop me from buying that soy latte this morning either, sigh!).

“In Rainbows” has been available for a few months now. You might have been able to pay/not pay and download it from the original In Rainbows site. I tried like mad, but it wouldn’t take my credit card. So, I was S.O.L. That’s okay. I’m still sort of old fashion. I like my music in tangible form, too.

Anywho! I love the latest installation from Radiohead. It’s been on repeat in my various players for the past 24 hours. It’s quite impressive and I got on to thinking about how they’ve evolved from their first record to this one. It’s MAJAH! The thing that stands out the most for me is how they’ve seemed to evolve with their audience.

Is that the only reason you should pick it up? Probably not. If you’re into ambient guitar riffs, strings and piano laid over a ‘pop’py bass line, then you’re probably into this.

If you’re unsure, check out the tracks:

Jigsaw Falling Into Place
15 Step

What, that’s $3 on iTunes or something? You can’t be as broke as me, right?

New place

January 10, 2008

Yay! I’ve got a brand, spanking new place in which to live. In some circles, I have what some would call an office. My office will be for blogging and sewing and obtaining good ideas and experiments. I’m still missing a lot of furniture I could use, but eff it! I’m backkkkk!