To commemorate my first day off in 10 days and the last night of Houstons hipster landmark, The Proletariat, here’s a post to celebrate the spirit of doing shit ya’self.

6-in-1 bag pattern

Making stuff for yourself is rewarding. You know you’ve been dying to try a little “diying,” so here’s your chance.

Sew It Yourself!

Check out these awesomely adorable, perfect for the holidays Sew It Yourself kits from Egg Press.

I like the raccoon kit the most, but they’re all pretty cute. There’s a snail and owl, dog and monkey. Each pattern looks very simple with just cutting and stitching around the edges. Oh and they’re affordable, too. At around 25 bones each, you really can stock up and give them away as gifts.

Sew It Yourself! Sew It Yourself!

Happy shopping!

Stitch Austin Recap

November 11, 2007

I risked life and limb** to have a fab shopping experience at Stitch Austin. Here’s a recap in pictures of what I saw.

Stitch Austin recap

They gave out real loot bags at Stitch. It was unexpected that they’d be handing out ACTUAL bags rather than some crappy plastic sack.

Stitch Austin recap
There were crafty activities for visitors.

Stitch Austin recap
Bags, bags and more bags! There were several purveyors of bags and jewelry on hand.

Stitch Austin recap
Loads of people. Apparently, some of these people have the ability to stick their hands through people’s backs. Excuse the softness in these pictures. I did what I could.

Stitch Austin recap
You could sew at this station and watch “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (except I hate that movie, but it was still supes cute and homey over there)

Stitch Austin recap
AWESOME ties at the jasminemade booth. I bought a vintage Star Trek tie. I know someone who’d better be good this Christmas…

Stitch Austin recap
Inside those awesome loot bags were goodies galore: free patterns, tons of buttons, a cd, a measuring tape…

I also stopped by the t8designs booth (I forgot to snap a picture of her booth). I bought a rad necklace from t8designs that had just the right amount of street and vintage re-loved charms on it. Check out t8designs sold items on etsy. I hope she restocks her online store soon! I don’t think I can wait another year to buy more.

Stitch Austin recap
Hwy 290 = The prettiest road in the day and the scariest road at night.

So, I bought three items from Stitch in total (I also picked up a neat little mouse pad for my desk).

Overall, it was a neat experience, but I have a couple of criticisms:

1. Don’t tell people to come early when you’ve rented out a giant arena like space and the fashion show doesn’t even start until 9:30. Yeah. I didn’t even bother sticking around for that business because I was too through at 5:45!

2. Overpriced items. I can’t spread the monetary love around when everything is like 60 bucks! Seriously, everything was slightly overpriced, though, I realize as a crafter your handiwork should be paid for, but maybe at an event like Stitch some rocking items should be half priced. Generally, supporters of craftiness ain’t making bank.

Other than that, it was something I would like to attend again and again in the future years to come. It is definitely a valiant effort on the Stitch organizers’ parts. Great job mamas!

**And by life and limb I mean I exaggerate and it was more like I had to pee really badly at one gas station, my toe got injured from my boots, I had the worst headache of all time, and my car’s engine light came on in the pitch dark, by myself, driving back on a very scary road from Austin to Houston.

Shop Happy

July 20, 2007

Shop Happy

I got more than a little shop happy and got myself the above items. I think I’m looking pretty well stocked for the rest of the summer.

I’m really trying to only buy ‘x’ amount of clothing for each season, but since Houston has such a long summer (we’re talking the 90s well into October and sometimes even November) I should budget more money for the summer. There’s almost no such thing as Fall. We get about 6 weeks of some weather that’s not quite as hot as Summer but is not quite a traditional Fall either, but any more than that and I’d be suspicious. So, I should be able to make up for my Summer splurge next season since I won’t be buying as much.

But that’s probably not really going to happen. I probably just lied and will buy just as much for Fall. Oh, and my Summer splurge is only a little more than halfway through. I still have at least 4 more items and another pair of shoes or two on my Style Feed.

So, I need a second job. This is where all my sewing projects come into play. I hope by the end of this year I’ll be up and selling my goodies.

1. Because I really want to be a successful entrepreneur.
2. I could use extra income to start saving more aggressively for a car and a house and every little bit helps.

It takes hard work and a lot of dedication to accomplish big goals so I know I have my work cut out for me. But here’s to setting goals and attaining them in 2007!

mmm, beardy
mmm, beardy
mmm, beardy

You can change his facial hairs. I have fun playing with the different arrangements for sideburns, beard, mustaches and soul patch. I should make him a goatee as well, but man, I’m pretty anti-goatee.

He and his friends will be for sale later. I’ll let you know when.