Pot Psychology

January 23, 2008

Pot PsychologyIf you haven’t seen it, then you’re probably missing out. What am I saying? Probably??? Not probably. Most definitely you are missing out on the best damn thing on the Internet.

You, yes you, write in with your burning questions about life, sex, social retardedness or whatever and Jezebel’s brave journalist will first bake, then answer said burning question completely under the influence. Ahh yeah!

Your entertainment ticket courtesy of Jezebel.


I ♥ Michel

January 21, 2008

Michel Gondry picks his favorites

One of my favorite directors and sources inspiration, Michel Gondry, has posted some of his favorite You Tube videos, or a few his own sources of inspiration. Fun times!

Also, I like that his shirt makes him look like a lumber jack woodsman recluse.

This week in review

November 16, 2007

In case you missed it, this is what we posted this week in the blog:


Coming next week:

An un-sponsored holiday gift guide.
Who knows what else. Ooh, exciting! Stay tuned kids.

Beardlove: Whiskerino

November 9, 2007

Whiskerino. Mm, beardly…

I told you there’d be bearded hotties and there are quite a few at Whiskerino. Whiskerino is a site dedicated to a beard growing contest. Actually, I’m not so sure if it’s a contest so much as a site dedicated to picture documentation of multiple men growing facial hairs all at the same time.

The dudes are only at week two or something like that, so the best is yet to come. I will definitely be bringing more commentary on the Whiskerino challenge as the contest continues through February ’08.

STITCH Austin happens this weekend Nov. 10

It’s November and while you’re probably looking forward to Thanksgiving –that “one day” a year you can stuff yourself and not feel guilty (I know I am! Mm, sweet potatoes!) there’s something probably just a little bit awesomer that happens here in Texas one day in November. It’s STITCH Austin, y’all!

And it’s happening this weekend. November 10 at the Austin Convention Center. There’s an after party at Mohawk (I’ve been stalking that venue out for dang near a year and I want an excuse to get my booty in there).

Right. I mean, if you haven’t already bought a plane ticket and junk and you’re not in Texas or nearby already then you probably won’t be making it, but you can check back here at this blog for your STITCH Austin recap.

Rapide Blanc graphic novel by Pascal Blanchet

I stopped at domy this evening to browse their selection of comic books when I found this amazing story book in the form of illustrations by Pascal Blanchet entitled ‘Rapide Blanc’. His drawings are seriously amazing works. I could rip out all these pages and paste them to my wall and have instant art. Each drawing leaves a lasting impression of the 1960s.

Rapide Blanc graphic novel by Pascal Blanchet Rapide Blanc graphic novel by Pascal Blanchet

Happy Halloween

October 31, 2007

Even as an adult it’s fun to dress up.

Whatever you do don’t watch Sleepy Hollow (the movie directed by Tim Burton with Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci). I watched it last night and it sucks. Tonight, I’ll watch 3 Women tonight which is inherently creepier for some reason even though it’s not a horror movie.

Trick or treat!