Pot Psychology

January 23, 2008

Pot PsychologyIf you haven’t seen it, then you’re probably missing out. What am I saying? Probably??? Not probably. Most definitely you are missing out on the best damn thing on the Internet.

You, yes you, write in with your burning questions about life, sex, social retardedness or whatever and Jezebel’s brave journalist will first bake, then answer said burning question completely under the influence. Ahh yeah!

Your entertainment ticket courtesy of Jezebel.


I ♥ Michel

January 21, 2008

Michel Gondry picks his favorites

One of my favorite directors and sources inspiration, Michel Gondry, has posted some of his favorite You Tube videos, or a few his own sources of inspiration. Fun times!

Also, I like that his shirt makes him look like a lumber jack woodsman recluse.

Guess that musician

December 6, 2007


Doesn’t matter what you think of her (I’m pretty much a die-hard fan, fyi) this is the cutest baby picture. Aw, that wittle face! Try and guess more musician baby pictures.

Sew It Yourself!

Check out these awesomely adorable, perfect for the holidays Sew It Yourself kits from Egg Press.

I like the raccoon kit the most, but they’re all pretty cute. There’s a snail and owl, dog and monkey. Each pattern looks very simple with just cutting and stitching around the edges. Oh and they’re affordable, too. At around 25 bones each, you really can stock up and give them away as gifts.

Sew It Yourself! Sew It Yourself!

Happy shopping!

mmm, beardy
mmm, beardy
mmm, beardy

You can change his facial hairs. I have fun playing with the different arrangements for sideburns, beard, mustaches and soul patch. I should make him a goatee as well, but man, I’m pretty anti-goatee.

He and his friends will be for sale later. I’ll let you know when.

Looks like that’s where I’m headed for a couple of days next month for training. I am hoping I can arrive a few days early and drive down to L.A. to visit my friend E! She’s in my top 2 favorite people and my #1 favorite non-related to me person.

Nearly every week day E and I play question time. Where any SFW question can be asked and answered. We have educational question time (Do you believe in the rules of attraction?), pop culture question time (What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?), and puppy question time (What’s your favorite kind?). We are two girls who know how to make best use of our daily downtime at work.

You should find a friend and play question time with them whenever possible. All you need is an instant messenger (I prefer GTalk) and an inquisitive nautre. You’d be surprised how much you learn about your friend and yourself when you open up for question time.

Recently, my sister and I started playing question time, but we added a twist: points! So, you can always be like “It’s question time! The score is 22-18! Looks like someone needs to read up on the subject of me.”

The points work like this:

Ask a question and guess your opponent’s answer. If you guess right you score a point. If you guess wrong, then no points.

The unbelieveable thing is that question time seriously helps your social skills. You know how all relationships have awkward silences to fill and you have no idea what to say? You’re drawing a blank?! Well, practice question time 3 days a week or more and I promise you’ll see an improvement in your face-to-face social game.

Going up to that guy at the bar will be a sinch after a few rounds. Your ice breaker could always be, “Hey, is anyone sitting here? Do you wanna play question time with me? I’ve got to warn you it’s pretty intense so hold on to your socks!” Of course, I recommend that you practice online or with friends first to find your question time style and to get comfortable.

If you try question time let me know how it goes for you and if you make any ammendments to the way we’ve played it.