To commemorate my first day off in 10 days and the last night of Houstons hipster landmark, The Proletariat, here’s a post to celebrate the spirit of doing shit ya’self.

6-in-1 bag pattern

Making stuff for yourself is rewarding. You know you’ve been dying to try a little “diying,” so here’s your chance.


Stitch Austin Recap

November 11, 2007

I risked life and limb** to have a fab shopping experience at Stitch Austin. Here’s a recap in pictures of what I saw.

Stitch Austin recap

They gave out real loot bags at Stitch. It was unexpected that they’d be handing out ACTUAL bags rather than some crappy plastic sack.

Stitch Austin recap
There were crafty activities for visitors.

Stitch Austin recap
Bags, bags and more bags! There were several purveyors of bags and jewelry on hand.

Stitch Austin recap
Loads of people. Apparently, some of these people have the ability to stick their hands through people’s backs. Excuse the softness in these pictures. I did what I could.

Stitch Austin recap
You could sew at this station and watch “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (except I hate that movie, but it was still supes cute and homey over there)

Stitch Austin recap
AWESOME ties at the jasminemade booth. I bought a vintage Star Trek tie. I know someone who’d better be good this Christmas…

Stitch Austin recap
Inside those awesome loot bags were goodies galore: free patterns, tons of buttons, a cd, a measuring tape…

I also stopped by the t8designs booth (I forgot to snap a picture of her booth). I bought a rad necklace from t8designs that had just the right amount of street and vintage re-loved charms on it. Check out t8designs sold items on etsy. I hope she restocks her online store soon! I don’t think I can wait another year to buy more.

Stitch Austin recap
Hwy 290 = The prettiest road in the day and the scariest road at night.

So, I bought three items from Stitch in total (I also picked up a neat little mouse pad for my desk).

Overall, it was a neat experience, but I have a couple of criticisms:

1. Don’t tell people to come early when you’ve rented out a giant arena like space and the fashion show doesn’t even start until 9:30. Yeah. I didn’t even bother sticking around for that business because I was too through at 5:45!

2. Overpriced items. I can’t spread the monetary love around when everything is like 60 bucks! Seriously, everything was slightly overpriced, though, I realize as a crafter your handiwork should be paid for, but maybe at an event like Stitch some rocking items should be half priced. Generally, supporters of craftiness ain’t making bank.

Other than that, it was something I would like to attend again and again in the future years to come. It is definitely a valiant effort on the Stitch organizers’ parts. Great job mamas!

**And by life and limb I mean I exaggerate and it was more like I had to pee really badly at one gas station, my toe got injured from my boots, I had the worst headache of all time, and my car’s engine light came on in the pitch dark, by myself, driving back on a very scary road from Austin to Houston.

STITCH Austin happens this weekend Nov. 10

It’s November and while you’re probably looking forward to Thanksgiving –that “one day” a year you can stuff yourself and not feel guilty (I know I am! Mm, sweet potatoes!) there’s something probably just a little bit awesomer that happens here in Texas one day in November. It’s STITCH Austin, y’all!

And it’s happening this weekend. November 10 at the Austin Convention Center. There’s an after party at Mohawk (I’ve been stalking that venue out for dang near a year and I want an excuse to get my booty in there).

Right. I mean, if you haven’t already bought a plane ticket and junk and you’re not in Texas or nearby already then you probably won’t be making it, but you can check back here at this blog for your STITCH Austin recap.

mmm, beardy
mmm, beardy
mmm, beardy

You can change his facial hairs. I have fun playing with the different arrangements for sideburns, beard, mustaches and soul patch. I should make him a goatee as well, but man, I’m pretty anti-goatee.

He and his friends will be for sale later. I’ll let you know when.

Project complete

March 5, 2007

serious eye candy

newest sewing project completed

it took me four weeks of working in my spare-time, but i finished him! he hasn’t got a name yet (my sister’s working on it), but he is one of my favorite creations to date. this plush is based on a building a see everyday coming home from work. there will be more coming later. in fact, i am thinking about creating a plush building based on my apartment complex.

i’m not that good at creating a series.

i have all these ideas of making many somethings under one theme and then give up after making two. but i hope not this time. i am my own coach, so i’m being very structured with my free-time. i have certain days in which i stare at the tv for hours and then i have days where i have to work on projects like the recent little guy above. balance is key.

oh, and about those cupcakes. those are from 2 weeks ago. my fridge was completely stuffed with a bunch of cupcakes i made for myself and for work. they were yummy. hot pink sprinkles are my fave.

I have a love/hate relationship with style and fashion. okay, maybe it’s not so much that I ever hated fashion. although, can someone explain this to me?

this i don’t get

I think my dislike lies with some of the individuals who follow fashion (fashion snobs/the people endorse being anorexic or bulimic for fashion’s sake) and some of the fashion designers themselves. also, fashion have what I think are unrealistic size models and have a less than spotless track record with fair labor. In my opinion, even slender girls aren’t generally mega giant waifs and therefore most clothes are designed with the wrong figure in mind (even larger sizes are based on the same skinny model so fit is a problem even in larger sizes). And can we get some fair labor up in this house, please? How hard is it to be pay workers and their work fairly? Seems very logical to me.

I start my fashion design degree this spring after a WHOLE LOT of debate (try 3 years worth). It took me a long time to get here because I didn’t feel like I was the right type.

How many times have you read a conversation with a fashion designer (or any creative type for that matter) that went a little something like this…

Magazine: How did you get started creating clothes?

Douchebag fashion designer: Ohhh, I’ve been sewing clothes since I was three-and-a-half. My great grandmother taught me how to sew Barbie clothes. I created my first line of clothes when I was 5. I was always the trendiest kid at school. In fact, follow me to my studio. I have a framed portrait of my mother’s uterus. If you look closely, you can see where I used my fingernails to sketch out of my first design… a skirt with an adorable little rabbit print.

Though i created a bit of an exxageration up there, that story is not completely crazy. Just pick up this month’s domino (December/January 2007) and flip to page 177. See?!

It may sound silly, but talk like that had always made me rethink pursuing a fashion design degree before. Why?

Because my story isn’t even in the same hemisphere as the ones fashion designers tell. I taught myself how to sew when i was in a dorm at 19. a dormmate asked me to make her a skirt. the skirt was a miserable failure. I didn’t get enough fabric and the skirt was too tight. It was like the Cosby Show episode where Denise sews a Gordon Gartrell shirt for Theo. And I think Theo’s shirt is actually better than the skirt I attempted to make.

A couple of years later, with the initial sewing tragedy behind me, i tried sewing again. This time I had a simpler, newer sewing machine with user-friendly instructions to boot. I craft and once in a while I’d whip up a skirt or something.

So no, it wasn’t my grandma who passed down her sewing knowledge to me, nor was it my mom. Who both, by the way, do sew. I just picked up the sewing machine manual and figured it out myself. And for a long time I thought that should stop me from wanting to be a fashion designer.

Well, my story certainly doesn’t sound like any of the other fashion design stories that I’ve heard. And probably not like many of the ones you’ve heard, either.

And that was just the part about sewing.

In sixth grade, i had only 3 outfits to wear and they were all hideous. We were broke that year and not once did I have the urge to rip down the shower curtain and sew something to wear out of it. We needed that shower curtain… for showers.

Later in eighth grade, I was made fun of regularly for not “matching”. And now as an adult, I’m constantly pissed when I shop because my figure is never accounted for when designers make cute clothes. Therefore, I don’t get to wear half any of the stuff i adore. Clothes that would actually be really cute for a larger frame, but just doesn’t come in that size. It’s seriously like i don’t even exist. and there is nothing that pisses me off more than being forgotten or ignored!

I look at art, I read on occasion, I am a “filmophile” and I love to craft up things. To borrow a phrase from ‘All About Eve’, nothing in my breeding or up-bringing should have brought me any closer to “a catwalk” than row 5 section e.

My only redemption is my frustration for gorgeous clothes not fitting, my love of House of Style at age 14, watching CNN’s Headline News on Fridays to catch the style report when I was 17 and some of my favorite things about fashion can now be found in a blog.

It’s only been in the last 5 years that i have taught myself to sew, started documenting clothing ideas, used the internet to inspire my creativity and learn that personal style means more to me than any other fashion rule.

Now, I get it. The reasons that have caused me to put off becoming a fashion designer for years are the very same reasons I should indeed be a fashion designer.

Not to toot my horn, but how cool would it be to have ME as a fashion designer? Clothes will be undoubtedly fun and irresistibly clever! Yes, clothes, clever! It’s clear to me that I will never be the student at school who knows the names of all the key fashion designers and i don’t give a shit. Sure, I need a clue (that’s why I’m going to school), but I am in this game to build a fashion house on the foundation of my own rules: fit me, flatter me, and make me cute, and if I go down in fah-lames. So be it. At least my company will have died trying!

But personally, I think a company like the one i want to create is long overdue. You’ll just have to stay tuned to see how it goes.

A shift in my style

December 27, 2006

i think i’m only going to wear pants that taper and stop at the knee for a good long while. you see, i’ll take those swinging bell bottoms… oh! i mean flares (that are going to way of the dinosaur with a quickness) and cut them off at the knee. I may alter some to look more like knickers with a cute cuff and button on each leg for more dressier occasions (like for work) and pair them all with opaque tights.

goodbye pants that drag on the floor! adios cuffs that get stuck on my heels!

i couldn’t pull off skinny jeans to save my life, but this is the next best thing. because knickers are just skinny jeans/flares cut off at the knee, anyway.

i was inspired by these ladies from wardrobe_remix:

short pants… actually.