Stitch Austin Recap

November 11, 2007

I risked life and limb** to have a fab shopping experience at Stitch Austin. Here’s a recap in pictures of what I saw.

Stitch Austin recap

They gave out real loot bags at Stitch. It was unexpected that they’d be handing out ACTUAL bags rather than some crappy plastic sack.

Stitch Austin recap
There were crafty activities for visitors.

Stitch Austin recap
Bags, bags and more bags! There were several purveyors of bags and jewelry on hand.

Stitch Austin recap
Loads of people. Apparently, some of these people have the ability to stick their hands through people’s backs. Excuse the softness in these pictures. I did what I could.

Stitch Austin recap
You could sew at this station and watch “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (except I hate that movie, but it was still supes cute and homey over there)

Stitch Austin recap
AWESOME ties at the jasminemade booth. I bought a vintage Star Trek tie. I know someone who’d better be good this Christmas…

Stitch Austin recap
Inside those awesome loot bags were goodies galore: free patterns, tons of buttons, a cd, a measuring tape…

I also stopped by the t8designs booth (I forgot to snap a picture of her booth). I bought a rad necklace from t8designs that had just the right amount of street and vintage re-loved charms on it. Check out t8designs sold items on etsy. I hope she restocks her online store soon! I don’t think I can wait another year to buy more.

Stitch Austin recap
Hwy 290 = The prettiest road in the day and the scariest road at night.

So, I bought three items from Stitch in total (I also picked up a neat little mouse pad for my desk).

Overall, it was a neat experience, but I have a couple of criticisms:

1. Don’t tell people to come early when you’ve rented out a giant arena like space and the fashion show doesn’t even start until 9:30. Yeah. I didn’t even bother sticking around for that business because I was too through at 5:45!

2. Overpriced items. I can’t spread the monetary love around when everything is like 60 bucks! Seriously, everything was slightly overpriced, though, I realize as a crafter your handiwork should be paid for, but maybe at an event like Stitch some rocking items should be half priced. Generally, supporters of craftiness ain’t making bank.

Other than that, it was something I would like to attend again and again in the future years to come. It is definitely a valiant effort on the Stitch organizers’ parts. Great job mamas!

**And by life and limb I mean I exaggerate and it was more like I had to pee really badly at one gas station, my toe got injured from my boots, I had the worst headache of all time, and my car’s engine light came on in the pitch dark, by myself, driving back on a very scary road from Austin to Houston.


“It’s business, It’s business time!”

I wish it was business time. It’s more like personal business time, shook.

/The joys of being single

Aw, don’t feel bad for me. It’s just a joke, plus there is a boy. He’s just never mentioned here.

I rarely get so tense in a social situation that I have to bow out of plans. It’s only happened about 3 times and twice with the same person in the last 45 days. Usually, I am at ease and extremely comfortable meeting new people and chatting them up. I may be the slightest bit awkward, but have definitely come out of my shell in the last year or so.

But with the social anxiety attacks, I get so nervous I start breathing shallow and my stomach knots up so tight I feel like I’m going to throw up. But get this, I can sit at a bar alone and meet new people with no problem. It’s just this one particular scenario (maybe even this one particular person) that scares me to death. The last time this happened, prior to this, I somehow managed to fight it enough to fake it and as soon as I got in the place I was mostly fine immediately and just fine later.

But today, I couldn’t. I tried three times to go up to the house and each time I would have rather died than step out of my car.

Too bad, I bet it was fun, too. Sheesh, I don’t know what to do about all this stuff. I’d better make a list.

What what

May 4, 2007

I’m running on 3 hours of sleep. I thought I was going to be a champ and stay up all night, but when I got home at 3am the only thing that looked good was my bed.

The Rad Rich show was on as I was driving home which was a most excellent soundtrack for early Friday morning driving home music. (I hope that is his link because MySpace is blocked at work and I did a quick Google to get it, but the description sounds right)

I also watched a small live production musical last night at Infernal Bride Groom called Tamarie Cooper’s 20 Love Songs. I didn’t know what I was getting into, because Lali was the one who set it all up. It turned out to be a great little play, though. It was worth missing out on my 3 hour nap before going to see the opening midnight showing of Spiderman 3.

Today has drug along so slowly. I can’t get through it fast enough and I just keep thinking about get home get some sleep! When did I get old? Probably when I had to start waking up every morning at 6 am! I’m telling you, it takes it out of you.

This weekend, I’m determined to do more tagging. I want to practice on my patio with some plywood and then I want to try something official on the street level after I hone my style (parking lots and trash can cubbies don’t count much towards street cred!). Documentation will follow, I’m ‘shore’.

Edited at 9:20 pm Fri 4

I wonder what I’m supposed to learn from the big, giant social faux-pas of mistaking a boy giving me his number to be part of a pyramid scheme as a chance to date him. The two are hardly the same.

I’m not kidding. It’s almost as bad as the time when I was dating a boy and the pizza man told me, as best he could in broken english, that I was too good for that boy. Now, when the pizza man tells you you can do better something is wrong.

A while ago this boy at whole foods was obviously (or what I thought was obviously at the time) interested in me. I mean, all the signs were there: nervous, stuttering, big dumb smiles, batting of eyes. the works. so after a few months I return to his lane. We make small talk and before I know it he’s giving me his phone number. “score!” I’m thinking.

This rarely happens to me. I don’t date much at all because guys (under 50, with most of his teeth, actual men of the male sex) don’t ask me out or they don’t respond positively to my advances. So I was ecstatic to have this cute, young thing scribbling down his number for me. for me! I’m 26, for the love of god! asking that an attractive man be in his 20s or 30s if he’s gonna try to holla isn’t too much to ask.

After leaving the store, I was smiling at myself every ten seconds. I told everyone that a boy gave me his number, because that’s not happened since i’ve been an adult. I even called my friend who also works at whole foods and asked her what he was like. making sure to ask if he was single. She said she didn’t know about that. A clue I later found to be much more meaningful than at that moment. I waited a full day and called him up wednesday night. The suspense was killing me. He picks up and says he’s glad I called, but could he call me back. I say sure. He calls me back and says, “so what do you do?” I tell him my job.

him: well, I have an opportunity for you to match your current income.
me: *wrinkled forhead, mouth agape*
him: call this 800-number and press option 5. it’ll give you all the details.
me: oh? press option 5?
him: I just finished eating dinner with my wife and kid.
me: wife and kid? (ok now you’re just rubbing it in, I think to myself)

So, all he wanted was a new recruit for a pyramid rent-a-lawyer scheme. I was embarrassed. But I can’t deny the humor.

But I’m getting kind of tired of these humorous incidents that really happened in my love-life. I could stand to have a normal dating relationship, but it just doesn’t seem to be jiving. I’m not upset or angry and I’m only superficially hurt because of all of these misunderstandings, but dayum, I am starting to get frustrated. What’s life without frustration though? Probably fairly boring for a single person.

Anyway, usually when I keep hitting a brick wall it means I’m not “getting” something. Which is why I asked what am I supposed to learn from this giant social faux-pas?

Maybe it’s one of these lessons:

a. keep listening to cat power and don’t worry about anything else.
b. you’re still not done with your own emotional work. no boys allowed until things are more constructed.
c. don’t waste your time on anyone with facial piercings.
d. just keep doing what you’re doing, and one day something spectacular will happen… maybe… actually, I don’t know. I’m not even a real test! this is just garbage you made up to put words in the universe’s mouth because you’re too anxious to wait for a real answer, you jerk. go live already!
e. all of the above, except c

I wonder if this is easier for everyone else.

Lucky month of march

March 1, 2007

March is gonna be a good month! i can feel it. With holidays like St. Patrick’s day, March is bound to be lucky.

There are four days that i won’t be in the office. Add that to the weekends and I’ll only be at work 18 out of 31 days. I like those odds. I like them a lot.

I have a hair consultation with THE soul sister (not to be confused with just any soul sister). She’s a natural hair miracle worker, or so she is rumored to be. She’ll probably tell me to shave my head, but who cares? It’s springtime and beautiful outside. No hair might not be as bad as it sounds.

The 13th! My favorite band, pattern is movement, Is rolling into Houston. And this month is full of SXSW spill-over artists, so there will be like 5 times more awesome bands than usual playing shows all month long. these are the bands who figure they’re already in Texas so they might as well hit up the rest of the cities.

Oh, and as if those highlights weren’t enough! I get three paychecks plus our yearly bonus this month. I’m going straight out to buy myself my dream mac setup. Okay, maybe not the complete dream, but at least 1/2 of it. And like a good girl, i’m putting the rest of it into a 12-month cd.

I’ve been looking forward to the month of march for sometime now. I think it’ll be much awesomer than Febraury.


February 10, 2007

I’m getting digital cable.

Goodbye the little social life i did have.
Goodbye sewing projects.
Goodbye reading.

It’s all about HGTV, BBC America, Adult Swim and Little People.

Nah, I hope that’s not true. I am, however, actually getting cable installed Tuesday, but I plan on only using it when I’m really bored. I want to maintain some kind of life outside my apartment still. But I make no promises.