I live, work, and sometimes play in Houston, TX.

A note about this blog:
It’s c h a n g i n g. The format will go from being a hodge podge blog with personal rants about my life, to my (that is, a black woman’s) perspective on American independent culture: style/fashion, music, movies, crafting, books, beer, art, hotties with beards, etc. will all be covered.

This blog is for every woman and man so stick around while things get changed up. You’re going to like what you see… hopefully. If you don’t, too bad, you nihilist!

The final launch goes live in a few weeks (let’s say mid December ’07), ok? Ok!


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Moul Says:

    Hi Sovereign State,

    Just had to write to thank you for linking to my blog (Diet, Dessert and Dogs)! I am totally new to this blogging world (literally just started less than a week ago!), but already I love it. And you sent me my very first visitors to my blog! Thanks so much. I’ll look forward to reading your new format as well.

  2. Gee! Thanks, Moul. Keep those tasty treats coming. I can’t wait for more.

  3. dennyschmickle Says:

    Thanks for the linkage!!!

  4. You are most welcome. You certainly deserve it.

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