Now hear this: Radiohead ‘In Rainbows’

January 14, 2008

Radiohead In Rainbows

I quite literally have no money (I spent my last fiver this morning on a soy toffee latte from Diedrich Coffee). But that didn’t stop me from buying 3 albums from the record store on Sunday (and apparently, it also didn’t stop me from buying that soy latte this morning either, sigh!).

“In Rainbows” has been available for a few months now. You might have been able to pay/not pay and download it from the original In Rainbows site. I tried like mad, but it wouldn’t take my credit card. So, I was S.O.L. That’s okay. I’m still sort of old fashion. I like my music in tangible form, too.

Anywho! I love the latest installation from Radiohead. It’s been on repeat in my various players for the past 24 hours. It’s quite impressive and I got on to thinking about how they’ve evolved from their first record to this one. It’s MAJAH! The thing that stands out the most for me is how they’ve seemed to evolve with their audience.

Is that the only reason you should pick it up? Probably not. If you’re into ambient guitar riffs, strings and piano laid over a ‘pop’py bass line, then you’re probably into this.

If you’re unsure, check out the tracks:

Jigsaw Falling Into Place
15 Step

What, that’s $3 on iTunes or something? You can’t be as broke as me, right?


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