Winter wardrobe wishlist

November 28, 2007

We’ve gotten the gifts for other people out of the way. Now, it’s time to go back to our cozy little self-centered corner by reflecting upon ourselves… our wardrobes! Winter, she’s a-coming. Last week and this, even Houston get a nice little chill in the air and I got to bundle up for Thanksgiving. Now, it’s time to start thinking about what I wish to wear on those oh-so-cold-I-need-a-peppermint-hot-chocolate days.

Peplum tops are like whoa. Link.

white leather
White leather accessories never go out of style for me. Link.

purple and gray
Purple and gray are colors I need on all of my winter wardrobe items.

knitted beret
Knitted berets are just the right mix of practicality, hippie chic and femininity.

These Polyvore sets make me wish I had a mysteriously, yet highly, funded account dedicated just to clothes, accessories and shopping in general.

Probably not that watch, though.

Probably not those earrings, though.

In general, but especially this winter, I’m trying to take my wardrobe from “granny hobo chic” to “polished hobo chic”. Ok, you got me. I’m trying tone down the hobo (read: mismatched, but coordinating layers) and turn up the polished once and for all.


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