Popular news: The Gap is in hot water over child labor in India

November 20, 2007

The Gap

Funny (not so much in a ha-ha way) how the Gap has been doing this huge (RED) campaign to promote healing in Africa. It’s almost like they knew it’d only be a matter of time before their credibility would be compromised… again. Dammit, The Gap!

NPR is reporting that

Apparel retailer Gap is canceling half of its orders with a vendor in India and promises to donate $200,000 to improve working conditions there. The move comes after revelations that some of its clothes were made by children as young as 10. Gap says it didn’t know that children were hired.

Um, it’s kind of your job to know where and how your clothes are being manufactured… you know, as a company that makes and sells clothes.

Please do not shop the Gap this Christmas. I am well aware that boycotting almost does no good in today’s economy (the big companies are just too big to feel the sting most of the time), but I’d be unethical if I didn’t say that something consequential should happen to a company that thinks its consumers are idiots and won’t care enough about the child labor thing to challenge it.


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