Gift Ideas 2007: Boyfriends, brothers and sisters

November 20, 2007


This is part two of a four part gift guide for the holidays. This guide is for people like me: you don’t have the largest budget and some times you’re stumped as to what gifts you can get for some people on your list.

This round I’m giving you gift ideas for the boyfriends, brothers and sisters on your holiday gift list.

Gifts for the BOYFRIENDS on your list


20×200 prints $20, $200, $2000

Insound Indie Rock In-A-Box Pick 10 of the top 100 CDs get 25% off + FREE ground shipping + neat gift wrapped box

Social Studies

Social Studies tees and tops Prices are not listed on the site, but I heard they are reasonable at around $15. Contact Social Studies for details.

Gifts for the BROTHERS on your list

Continuous inking

Continuous inking system (relieves constantly having to run to the store for expensive ink cartridges for your printer)

MAKE magazine

Subscription to MAKE $34.95


Halt Who Goes There tee $10

Gifts for the SISTERS on your list


Elsita’s Etsy shop Prints start at $10

Retread tote

Retread tote $198 <-Yipes! But it’s your sister. She deserves cool and a tiny bit pricey!


Pink Grapefruit-Vanilla Body Polish $11.50

Tomorrow, gift ideas part three of four: Vegans, bff’s and kids.


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