Boo on running taking me out!

October 15, 2007

So, I’m not a full-blown running addict, but my goal is to become a regular runner– running at least 5 times a week. I’ve been working on this goal for about 1/2 the year so far and things are progressing well. Although, I’ve had a recent setback where I didn’t run for 5 weeks because I “wasn’t feeling it”.

After this 5-week non-running stint I picked it back up last Friday because I want to reach my goal and keep at it for like ever (or as long as I’m able to run within my lifetime). I only ran a little bit since I knew I’d be feeling sore the next day. Boy was I wrong!

It’s Monday and my left quad is still really sore. Yesterday, it kept giving me spasms and I did stretch it out though it was still painful. I think the main thing that happened to cause all the soreness was:

1. Out of practice since I hadn’t run in 5 weeks
2. I did a set of 20 major, deep squats that really works that muscle
3. Lack of water/proper stretching afterwards
4. 26 years does not equal 16 years and my soreness I chalk up to age a little bit too

I can’t wait to run again and I think I’ll be all healed by tomorrow morning, but I’m still avoiding the stairs today because I want to wake up tomorrow and

a. Feel my quads without crying bloody murder
b. Run!


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