New street style look group

July 22, 2007

Street style

Long time observer and still not a participant. I love wardrobe remix, you know this. I love street style in general, actually. It’s so fascinating to see how people style themselves. It’s probably my biggest inspiration in creating clothes (which only happens on a theoretical basis at this point) and watching street style is certainly helpful with figuring out how to put pieces together from my own closet.

Does this print go with these pants? Why yes it does! I did it myself and street style observation helped!

These people don’t necessarily have model figures and that’s real! I generally pick out outfits that any body type can wear.

Street style - Dapper man in his own style

And men! I love a stylish man done his way. In fact, that’s my other favorite part in street style. I enjoy seeing that what people wear is not always at the bleeding edge of fashion trends, but is in fact their own interpretation of the current state of style.

For my enjoyment (and whosoever loves street style) I created the International Street Style group on Style Feed.

One Response to “New street style look group”

  1. Tiffany Says:

    love the post

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