Shop Happy

July 20, 2007

Shop Happy

I got more than a little shop happy and got myself the above items. I think I’m looking pretty well stocked for the rest of the summer.

I’m really trying to only buy ‘x’ amount of clothing for each season, but since Houston has such a long summer (we’re talking the 90s well into October and sometimes even November) I should budget more money for the summer. There’s almost no such thing as Fall. We get about 6 weeks of some weather that’s not quite as hot as Summer but is not quite a traditional Fall either, but any more than that and I’d be suspicious. So, I should be able to make up for my Summer splurge next season since I won’t be buying as much.

But that’s probably not really going to happen. I probably just lied and will buy just as much for Fall. Oh, and my Summer splurge is only a little more than halfway through. I still have at least 4 more items and another pair of shoes or two on my Style Feed.

So, I need a second job. This is where all my sewing projects come into play. I hope by the end of this year I’ll be up and selling my goodies.

1. Because I really want to be a successful entrepreneur.
2. I could use extra income to start saving more aggressively for a car and a house and every little bit helps.

It takes hard work and a lot of dedication to accomplish big goals so I know I have my work cut out for me. But here’s to setting goals and attaining them in 2007!


2 Responses to “Shop Happy”

  1. luna Says:

    Maybe we should talk about those shorts… 🙂

  2. luna Says:

    For making money, that is.

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