Los Angeles, I’m yours

July 8, 2007


My hostess E and I saw The Decemberists in the Hollywood Bowl last night.

Yes, that’s the Hollywood letters sign in the far background.

The Hollywood bowl is situated in a canyon, outdoors, the mountain ridges hang underneath the stars, just behind the stage. From dusk until the early evening we sat listening to The Decemberists play with the Los Angeles Philharmonic. It was wonderful. Although, I pointed out that I was more enthralled with the outdoor surroundings than I was with the actual performance.

Somewhere in Beverly Hills

So, Los Angeles is the opposite of what I expected: scenic, enthralling and fun. It’s definitely busy, congested and crowded, though. But for good reason. Where else can you sit in a canyon to watch a concert while chowing down on gourmet treats like the portabello mushroom wrap (which they were sold out of, the bastards) or hit up any of the infinite number of boutiques along the beach cliffs all within minutes from each other (if traffic permitting and it’s probably not).

Near Rodeo

Ah! Besides the unholy amount of traffic, I’m totally sold on L.A., Santa Monica and Los Feliz. I really, really enjoyed my stay. In fact, it’s probably my best trip so far. That’s compared to Chicago, New York City and San Francisco.

E was such a generous hostess, even though she lives with the world’s creepiest, cloudy-eyed cat, Morty. He means well. He’s like 17 already. Probably doesn’t have too terribly much more time.

Coffee house in Venice Beach

We drove around town checking out L.A. indigenous eateries like Pinkberry. They were a delightful treat. But people have to stop making such a big deal out of Pinkberry. It’s good, but it’s not that good. As E suggested, I could go my whole life without ever having tried it.

Truthfully, I mostly just sat in E’s room watching Charm School and reading fashion and trashy celebrity magazines while she was out earning that money Thursday and Friday during the day, but on the 4th we went down to Marina del Rey and hung out all day and watched fireworks that night.

On Saturday, I met E’s friend Matt who is Luke Wilson’s assistant. See, L.A. is really surreal like that. You can just be driving down a street and recognize a location from US or People photographs with famous people in them. It’s ridiculous the connections here. It ranges from bizarre to really neat. But Matt was just good times. He bought us beer and let us watch Night at the Roxbury on his couch. Which E wanted to watch and then promptly fell asleep on 🙂

I had such a sister/bff bonding experience with E. One night, we got drunk on a free shot at the neighborhood bar, McCabe’s. On the first night in town, she took me to a pirate themed bar where I “accidentally” walked into the gentlemen’s room. Kidding, there are no quotes needed, it actually was an accident. I thought it was a unisex bathroom (they exist out here, I’m sure) and noticed the single urinal and guy at it and figured, “oops!”.

Thursday after work, she took me to get my eyebrows waxed and I’m hooked! Oh my god, the lady did such a fantastic job. I’ve never had better eyebrows, never! That’s my second reason for wanting to move out there! That lady needs to be my exclusive eyebrows waxerrrr. Yes, she was that good.

The only celebrities I think I saw were the twin dudes from VH1. I don’t even know their names, but I think they were at the Decemberists’ show last night getting tickets at will call. But I didn’t mind not seeing stars, I was more star-struck with the city.

I really didn’t want to leave this morning. I can’t believe I’m saying that because I never thought L.A. would do it for me. I thought of it as a hideous beast that needed to drop off the face of the earth. But that was before I got to meet her and at least understand why people flock here to further congest the city’s streets.

This marks my second trip to California this year (within six weeks, actually) and I can totally see myself here if things should happen to go that way. I don’t know how active I’ll be in making it happen and this feeling is probably only fleeting, but if I see opportunities that would lead me to the West Coast, I’d take ’em.

And then you can ask me “How are things on the West Coast…?


2 Responses to “Los Angeles, I’m yours”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Oh I clad you enjoyed LA!

  2. […] visiting L.A. a few weeks ago, I had a discovery that I, too, have an inner fashionista. This comes as a pretty […]

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