Silicon Valley

June 14, 2007

Silicon Valley (Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, Mountain View, San Jose, et al) is very pretty this time of year. The area itself is very scenic at the edges of town. It’s warm, sunny with a stiff, cool breeze all day long.

We were trying to get to Muir Woods on Monday when we ended up at Stanford University. Oops!

Pretty much my only complaint about staying in Sunnyvale is that despite all the huge tech corps like Yahoo, Interwoven, Palm, AMD, etc. there isn’t much to do as far as entertainment goes. My theory is that people work there, not play and live.

On Tuesday, my co-worker and I tried to get our drink on in San Jose, but everything shuts down at 9:00 except a couple of lounges and a mojito bar on San Fernando Street near Fourth. And let me tell you, I’ve had a lot of mojitos since I’ve gotten here (6 total mojitos, 5 drinks total that night including two shots of tequilla– one shot of pomegranate, one shot of don julio blanco).

My co-worker gave her chocolate cake to a homeless man near the Adobe corporate headquarters and I accidentally left my chocolcate cake in a PF Chang bathroom stall in downtown San Jose. I wanted to eat that cake so bad! That’s what I get for being greedy. I should have given my cake to the same homeless man that came begging us.

San Francisco
click for the whole picture set on flickr

Then we drove up to San Francisco all spur of the moment style late Tuesday night. And we got teary eyed at the splendor of the edge of the Pacific lapping over the west coast even in the pitch black of night. We could tell.

Wednesday morning, I regretted all those mojitos and shots. It totally was not worth it. See, I’m a beer drinker and I can put away 7 beers in a night and be fine the next morning. Liquor, on the other hand, has a horrible next day consequence. I was dehydrated, my brain felt fuzzy and my stomach was not very settled at all. I don’t do hangovers and I don’t do puking, so if either are a consequence of drinking I get pissed.

On Wednesday, our last full day in Silicon Valley, we took a three-hour trip to San Francisco after class. Wow, San Francisco is just like it looks in the movies only even more amazing because when you’re driving across the Golden Gate bridge it’s real. We walked around Stinson Beach for a little while taking pictures and contemplating further adventures into Muir Woods (where the redwoods are!). We decided to skip it and enjoy the bay instead. Plus, we were hungry after playing awhile on the bike/jog path.

People are really friendly here. Probably even friendlier than Texans who are known for their southern hospitality. We’ve been told hello by strangers at least twice everyday since we arrived. Although, the first day we were told hi I think it was just because those guys felt sorry for me because I looked like a greasy, greasy, hot mess from travel.


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