What what

May 4, 2007

I’m running on 3 hours of sleep. I thought I was going to be a champ and stay up all night, but when I got home at 3am the only thing that looked good was my bed.

The Rad Rich show was on as I was driving home which was a most excellent soundtrack for early Friday morning driving home music. (I hope that is his link because MySpace is blocked at work and I did a quick Google to get it, but the description sounds right)

I also watched a small live production musical last night at Infernal Bride Groom called Tamarie Cooper’s 20 Love Songs. I didn’t know what I was getting into, because Lali was the one who set it all up. It turned out to be a great little play, though. It was worth missing out on my 3 hour nap before going to see the opening midnight showing of Spiderman 3.

Today has drug along so slowly. I can’t get through it fast enough and I just keep thinking about get home get some sleep! When did I get old? Probably when I had to start waking up every morning at 6 am! I’m telling you, it takes it out of you.

This weekend, I’m determined to do more tagging. I want to practice on my patio with some plywood and then I want to try something official on the street level after I hone my style (parking lots and trash can cubbies don’t count much towards street cred!). Documentation will follow, I’m ‘shore’.

Edited at 9:20 pm Fri 4


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