Muzak attack

April 3, 2007

Quick, name three of my “it” bands of the moment:

The Knife
Band of Horses

Arm yourself with musical knowledge, friends. Download this mixtape mp3 called “Pretend You’re Me” for a sample of some of those artists. Sorry, there is no The Knife on this. Getting a hold of one of those mp3s is nearly impossible. But there is Modest Mouse, Mew, Heart, Nelly Furtado and others.

Pretend You’re Me

Download “Pretend You’re Me”
Track 1 – Comet – Pilotdrift
Track 2 – Glow – Nelly Furtado
Track 3 – Evening on the Ground – Iron & Wine
Track 4 – Mount Wroclai – Beirut
Track 5 – Funeral – Band of Horses
Track 6 – Am I Wry? No – Mew
Track 7 – March Into the Sea – Modest Mouse
Track 8 – We Live For Love – Pat Benatar
Track 9 – Magic Man – Heart
Time – 35:40

Listen loud. Your neighbors will love you.

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