I ♥ Apple

March 17, 2007

I just got a mac book and an iMac. I am super excited and about as “in love” with a machine as one can be. Before I ever bought these computers I found a site that colorizes your computer.

colorized [green with envy] macbook
My next purchase?

There are only a couple of concerns I have since setting up my machines. One, I haven’t been able to get them to sign onto my home network using WPA or WEP, so I’m researching how to do that. I’ve got a feeling I’m going to have to buy another router since I’ve tried most of the tricks that I’ve found in forums. The second issue is is it me or were the G5 processors faster than the Intel Duo?

Anywho, it really doesn’t matter. I’m still super stoked about my purchase. Now, I can finally get down to business.


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