Project complete

March 5, 2007

serious eye candy

newest sewing project completed

it took me four weeks of working in my spare-time, but i finished him! he hasn’t got a name yet (my sister’s working on it), but he is one of my favorite creations to date. this plush is based on a building a see everyday coming home from work. there will be more coming later. in fact, i am thinking about creating a plush building based on my apartment complex.

i’m not that good at creating a series.

i have all these ideas of making many somethings under one theme and then give up after making two. but i hope not this time. i am my own coach, so i’m being very structured with my free-time. i have certain days in which i stare at the tv for hours and then i have days where i have to work on projects like the recent little guy above. balance is key.

oh, and about those cupcakes. those are from 2 weeks ago. my fridge was completely stuffed with a bunch of cupcakes i made for myself and for work. they were yummy. hot pink sprinkles are my fave.


One Response to “Project complete”

  1. stopthepresses Says:

    I adore that sewing project. I like the idea of this being the first in a series! Go for it!! I can’t even finish one damn a-line skirt, so good for you!!!

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