I can’t see without my glasses

February 3, 2007


I’m finally blind enough to get glasses!

Actually, that’s not true. But I’m buying these anyway because they’re beautiful. I’m probably one of a few people who love glasses as much as I do and will wear them even if I don’t need them to see clearly.

I do think, however, that i am starting to develop eye strain. So, I’m going to get my eyes checked and might have to get some prescription lenses anyway. Yay!


2 Responses to “I can’t see without my glasses”

  1. peacin Says:

    awesome! that is sooooo like me. i love glasses and want them sooo bad, and everyone calls me weird, but oh well.
    i i did BAD on my vision screening test, and i think i failed it, (not on purpose though, i just really cant see far away.)so now i might have to get glases! yay me

  2. hooray for glasses lovers, peacin!

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