A shift in my style

December 27, 2006

i think i’m only going to wear pants that taper and stop at the knee for a good long while. you see, i’ll take those swinging bell bottoms… oh! i mean flares (that are going to way of the dinosaur with a quickness) and cut them off at the knee. I may alter some to look more like knickers with a cute cuff and button on each leg for more dressier occasions (like for work) and pair them all with opaque tights.

goodbye pants that drag on the floor! adios cuffs that get stuck on my heels!

i couldn’t pull off skinny jeans to save my life, but this is the next best thing. because knickers are just skinny jeans/flares cut off at the knee, anyway.

i was inspired by these ladies from wardrobe_remix:

short pants… actually.


One Response to “A shift in my style”

  1. […] time observer and still not a participant. I love wardrobe remix, you know this. I love street style in general, actually. It’s so fascinating to see how people style […]

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