It’s been a long time! I promise it won’t be that way over here. If there is anyone still reading this, please direct your browsers to the new sovereign state website/blog: Thank you!


Made the leap…

February 5, 2008
From arm-chair music writer to arm-chair fashion stylist. Check it out if you’re interested.

To commemorate my first day off in 10 days and the last night of Houstons hipster landmark, The Proletariat, here’s a post to celebrate the spirit of doing shit ya’self.

6-in-1 bag pattern

Making stuff for yourself is rewarding. You know you’ve been dying to try a little “diying,” so here’s your chance.

Been working day and night

January 28, 2008

I HATE work… on weekends

Yep, I worked a weekend. Eight m.f’ing hours on Saturday, too (my boss wasn’t even grateful, the broomstick wielding jerk!). And it’s only just begun, so posts will be slow again. I will do my very best, though, to keep you, my public, entertained (as much as I’m capable of, anyway).


Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings

I had a great time at the Sharon Jones show on Friday. I can’t describe it. I really can not. Any attempt to review would be lacking in enough emotion and would not do the show any justice.

If she’s coming to you town just buy a ticket already.

Pot Psychology

January 23, 2008

Pot PsychologyIf you haven’t seen it, then you’re probably missing out. What am I saying? Probably??? Not probably. Most definitely you are missing out on the best damn thing on the Internet.

You, yes you, write in with your burning questions about life, sex, social retardedness or whatever and Jezebel’s brave journalist will first bake, then answer said burning question completely under the influence. Ahh yeah!

Your entertainment ticket courtesy of Jezebel.

St. Vincent - Marry Me

Ok, so where the hell have I been? I totally just discovered St. Vincent. I’ve seen the album around (the gorgeous young lady with red lips and wild, wiry curls standing in front of a gray backdrop), but I just kept thinking, ehhh maybe not? I hadn’t heard not a single song, mind you. I was just avoiding it because that’s what I do on occasion to new artists. In hopes that someone will do my work for me and tell me if it’s good or whatever. I did my homework, ladies and gents, and you know what? It’s good!

So here’s to being slow and too fast, too. Check out the sounds below.

Good shit (I’m just kinda slow)
St. Vincent
Marry Me.mp3
Paris Is Burning.mp3

Tegan and Sara (FYI… twins still creep me out, but whatever, I’m over it)
Relief Next To Me.mp3

My most overlooked last year (still, cuz I’m kinda slow)
The National
Mistaken For Strangers.mp3

Weekend Wars.mp3

Can’t hardly wait for more

Cool Kids

Cool Kids
Black Mags.mp3

Cat Power ‘Jukebox’
Silver Stallion.mp3

Lightspeed Champion
Everyone I Know Is Listening To Crunk.mp3

These New Puritans <-Hurry up and release an album available in the US, pweaze!

Santogold <- Same to you, Ms. Santogold